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Bats Return

Bats Return

Bats Return To Colac Botanic Gardens

An estimated 2000 grey-headed flying foxes have returned to Colac Botanic Gardens, with visitors to the gardens reminded not to make contact with the native animals.

Colac Otway Shire Council Services and Operations Manager Frank Castles said there had been no bats at the gardens from September last year until December when about 200 arrived before Christmas.

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“Bat numbers increased last week and we believe there is about 2000 at the moment,” Mr Castles said.

“The bats are roosting in numerous trees including the gardens’ heritage-listed trees near the fountain and to the east side of the gardens near the playgrounds and barbecue area.

“Council had DELWP approval to disperse the bats before the nurturing period started last year however we had no need to start dispersal as the bats had moved on.

“Council currently has two applications with DELWP requesting permission to disperse and to sustain dispersal outside the nurturing period (October to March).

“DELWP will not grant permission for dispersal during this nurturing stage when they have their young.

“However, there has also been a number of reported bat fatalities in other locations and this could compromise the approval of the applications,” he said.

“Council has placed signs advising the public to not approach the bats to avoid risk to the public and the bats, and we will continue to monitor bat numbers.”

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