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Corangamite Shire

Bookaar Solar Farm Doused

Bookaar Solar Farm Doused

Corangamite Shire

VCAT Rules Against Proposed Solar Farm in Bookaar

The Corangamite Shire Council have welcomed the final decision from VCAT to refuse a planning permit for a proposed solar farm in Bookaar.

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Mayor Neil Trotter said VCAT were wary about lack of information regarding drainage and bushfire management in the application submitted.

"We're happy that our position has been upheld by the decision. It's been a very expensive process, but the judgment is very detailed and really quite extensive. It'll be interesting to see what happens from now on.

"I think the judgment means that people will have to be very prescriptive when they're making applications. There was some criticism of the process, the tribunal thought there wasn't enough effort put into supporting some of the submissions that'd been made by the opponent, around issues with drainage run-off and fire safety and therefore need for more detail in the planning documents. That was one of the concerns.

"Projects, on the scale proposed, are testing council's ability to deal with them and we thought that stage should have been done by the State Government. Much like the wind farms."

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