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Burgers To Boss Colac

Burgers To Boss Colac

This Isn't A Joke - Boss Burgers Are Coming To Colac!

After months of rumors and speculation, we can confirm that Boss Burger are coming to Colac!

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The popular Geelong based burger chain confirmed to Mixx FM and 3CS on Monday morning that they'll be looking to open officially in December.

The Coles Complex in Colac will be home to the burger store.

Boss Burger Store Owner Tim Harrison said they couldn't wait to get to Colac.

"We've been looking for quite a while to get up there (Colac) which everyone knows, so I can confirm we're coming to Colac."

"It's about rolling up our sleeves and getting to work so we can open in time for the summer holidays."

"We're really excited. We always got a great response from Colac when we brought our vans down, so to actually be bringing our product here permanently, we can't wait."

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