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Businesses Reopen

Businesses Reopen

Local businesses have enjoyed their first few days of reopening

Local businesses have enjoyed their first few days of reopening after the snap lockdown, despite having requirements in place.

Colac Chamber of Commerce CEO Georgia Theodoris says business operators across town responded well to the crackdown on checking ID's and ensuring customers scanned in.

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"So over the weekend the feedback we had was there definitely were visitors from out of town, but so far it's been handled really well," Ms. Theodoris said.

"Those who I've spoken to were generally very good about the information they needed to provide," she said.

While new ID check rules were initially met with confusion from local traders, Ms. Theodoris said it didn't take long for locals to work out the right process.

"We've been able to now establish from a retail perspective that it is those beauty and personal care and hairdressing outlets, so not all retail will have to be checking those ID's," she said.

"With that further clarity I think it'll be much simpler for businesses."

"There's also been a release of a 'postcode checker' out of the government so if you are unsure you can jump online and have a look at the suburbs and see if it's one that will be an issue."

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