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Animal Carcasses Dumped

Animal Carcasses Dumped

Council Outrage At Unknown Person Behind Dumpings

Colac Otway Shire Council has released a warning to whoever is responsible for dumping animal carcasses in a creek at Barongarook West that they could face thousands of dollars in fines if caught.

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Council’s Environment and Community Safety Manager Stewart Anderson also urged the community to contact Council or the relevant authority if they had any information about animal or rubbish dumping which could help identify the offenders.

“Council received complaints from residents in the Forans Road area regarding animals being dumped in a nearby creek. Council reported the offences to the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and in response to the concerns of our residents, sent a work crew with a backhoe to remove about 20 foxes and a deer from the creek earlier this month.

“We returned to check the area this week and found a wild pig carcass had been dumped. Our community shouldn’t accept this behaviour and Council staff shouldn’t have to clean up carcasses and other rubbish that offenders have dumped.

“Dumping any waste on private or public land is unacceptable and we need people to look out for vehicles or people acting suspiciously, and make a note of registration details."

Council officers could fine offenders up to $6,500 under the EPA Act, and the offence could also be referred to the EPA, with offenders facing further penalties of over $380,000 if found guilty of dumping waste which could pollute a waterway.

Anyone with information regarding illegal dumping should contact Colac Otway’s Compliance team on 52329400.

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