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CDFNL Statement

CDFNL Statement

CDFNL Season Delayed Until May

The CDFNL, under guidance from AFL Barwon, has been postponed until the end of May, with the COVID-19 Coronavirus impacting on the start of the season.

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CDFNL Chairman Peter Hickey says the league was governed by AFL Barwon, who have been working closely with the AFL and the state government.

"AFL Barwon in conjunction with us have decided that we'll delay the start, and what that looks like now is it'll probably be around the end of May," Hickey said.

"Probably the right decision for public safely as sad as it is."

When asked about the future of the 2020 season, Hickey confirmed they'll be working under guidelines from AFL Barwon and the state government.

"Our hands are a bit tied at the moment. I suppose we're still governed by the state government and what they say. Potentially, the experts are saying the worst may still be coming, so we may not get a game until June, so if we play each other once, maybe 8 to 10 rounds for the year so be it. We need to be able to draw a crowd so they can make a dollar."

"Playing games in front of no crowd was never an option to us. You just can't open the gates and say players only in country footy. We need to make money off gate taking, canteen and so forth, so that would've been a really sad existence."

The Geelong Football League has also been postponed until May 31st.

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