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CDFNL Transfer Tracker

CDFNL Transfer Tracker

CDFNL Transfer Tracker

AFL Victoria clearance window has opened again

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In: Joe Dare (Cobden) Lincoln Dare (Cobden) Dom Dare (Cobden) Angus Uwland (Cobden) Louis Robertson (Cobden) Tosh Merrett (Cobden)

Out: Liam McGuane (Colac Tigers) Dustin Walters (Colac Tigers) Josh Goonan (South Colac) Danny Allan (Interstate) Joshua Lansbury-Lowe (Western Eagles) Alby McNamara (Colac Tigers) Tom Driver (Newcomb) Tom Spence, Mackenzie Hagart (Western Eagles)

Apollo Bay

In: Luke Souter (Geelong Ammos) Damien Zaparenkov (Geelong Ammos) Baden Dodd (Geelong Ammos) Jayden Ettridge (Bell Post Hill) Jake Barlow (Bell Post Hill) Jackson Mahoney (Thomson) Michael McKenzie (Returning)

Out: Dion Lawson (Manor Lakes) Jonathon Benallack (Cobden) Jackson Macleod (Thomson)


In: Justin Bennett (Penninsula) Michael Bolitho (Colac Tigers) Dylan O’Toole (East Geelong) BJ O’Toole (Belmont Lions) Dennis O’Loughlin (Portland) Andrew Ferguson (North Geelong) Luke Parker (Carngham-Linton) Jarman Paddick (Returning) Andrew Scott (Colac Imperials) Benjamin Macfarlane (Colac Tigers) Paddy Ryan (Otway Districts)

Out: Jack Parker (Colac Tigers) Ollie Butler (Modewarre) Daniel Sprigg (Wimmera)

Colac Imperials

In: Thomas Cahill (Colac Tigers) Tom Prascevic (Colac Tigers) Mick Foster (Aspley FC) Stewart McCann (Colac Tigers) Jackson Henry (Colac Tigers) Tyson Finnigan (Alvie) Adam Harris (Colac Imperials)

Out: Sam Cass (South Colac)

Irrewarra Beeac

In: Scott Gainger (Thomson) Joel McInnes (Western Eagles) Mitch Mullan (Geelong West Giants) Justin Allingham (Geelong West Giants) Kaiden Beckett (Colac Tigers) Cameron Port (Bell Park) Justin Allingham (Portarlington) Lachlan Barclay (Birregurra) Chris Dunne (South Colac)

Out: Adam Donald (Ocean Grove) Dillyn Fedley (Western Region FL) Thomas Zampatii (Colac Tigers)


In: Jackson Hollmer (Port Fairy) Oscar Coutts (Colac Tigers) George Steven (Colac Tigers) Tyson Matthews (Apollo Bay) Lochie Donne (South Barwon) Matt Mathieson (Lara) Dan Roy (Darley) Ryan Holroyd (St Joseph's)

Out: Kane Smartt (Balwyn) Tom Steven (Angelsea) Cooper Hyde (Newcomb) Indi Ryan (Newcomb) Rory Nolan (Newcomb) Rob Fearweather (Newcomb) Darcy Huntly-Mitchell (Newcomb) Jack Scalett (St Joseph's)

Otway Districts

In: Billy McIntosh (Bannockburn) Kyle Rollo (Bannockburn) Jack Fielden (Lara) Nicholas Christensen (Bannockburn)

Out: Tom Mullane-Grant (Bright) Alex Burnett (Interstate) Sam Jones (Belmont Lions) Jason Kordupel (Simpson) Riley McLeod (South Colac) Dylan Clissold (Colac Tigers) Paddy Ryan (Birregurra) Kelly Maxwell (Colac Tigers)


In: Nick Harding (Cobden) Ben Harding (Timboon Demons) Matthew Rhode (Cobden) Brock Neal (Returning) Ben Newey (Timboon Demons) Jason Kordupel (Otway Districts) Bayley Kelly (Russell's Creek)

Out: Grady Rooke (Cobden) Sam Giblett (Cobden) Michael Salmon (Barwon Heads)

South Colac

In: Nick Lynch (Ocean Grove) Dan Jefferies (Colac Tigers) Josh Goonan (Alvie) Nathan Seabright (Western Eagles) Riley McLeod (Otway Districts) Sam Cass (Colac Impertials)

Out: Chris Dunne (Irrewarra Beeac) Will Mulgrew (Colac Tigers)

Western Eagles

In: Shaun Kingwell (North Geelong) Christian Davis (Geelong Ammos), Joshua Lansbury-Lowe (Alvie) Cameron Fletcher (North Geelong) Jason Robertson (Newcomb) Brad Greenwood (Geelong West Giants) Mackenzie Hagart (Alvie) Will Mclachlan (Colac Tigers)

Out: Jye Price (Winchelsea) Andrew Bourdouvalis (Winchelsea) Ray Biviano (Thomson) Dwaine Lancaster (Thomson) Matt Kenny (East Warrnambool) Nathan Seabright (South Colac)

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