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Colac Otway Budget

Colac Otway Budget

Colac Otway Budget Draft Released For Exhibition

The Colac Otway Shire has released its draft 2020 2021 budget for exhibition, with business and community support measures included totalling almost $1 million.

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The draft budget proposes a 1.5 per cent rate rise (0.5 per cent less than the State’s CPI rate cap of 2 per cent), and includes maintaining the Rural Farm differential rate at 75 per cent (not 73 per cent as detailed in 2019-20 rating strategy).

The draft budget has taken community response into the budget, focusing on the following:
 $423,000 Business and Community Support Fund
 Waiving 2020/21 Health & Food Registration Fees ($172,000)
 Waiving 2020/21 Street Furniture Fees ($48,000)
 Commercial Lease Relief where required ($101,000)
 Recreation Lease Support ($31,000)
 No increase from 2019/20 in non-statutory fees and charges ($100,000)

The Draft Budget will be on exhibition for 42 days and will be available online at and a hard copy can be viewed by appointment from Monday, 18 May.

Council will meet to formally consider the Budget at the Ordinary Council meeting on Wednesday, 22 July at 4pm at COPACC.

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