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Cheap Lamb

Cheap Lamb

Colac Announce New Cheap Lamb Deal To Secure Suppliers

Supermarket giant,Coles has taken the radical step of offering new-season lamb forward contracts for August of $10 a kilogram dressed in a bid to secure supplies.

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Record prices and ongoing drought are continuing to squeeze lamb turn-off with low numbers peaking in August.

Livestock manager for Kerr and Co Craig Pertzel says its surprising to see Coles make this move.

"I've never seen $10 written down on a piece of paper before - never. At the moment it's probably comparative. This is for August I suppose, it's really going to target that first run of lambs coming out of the north. That'll put a big of pressure onto the exporters to see what move they make now. 'Cos $10 is pretty good money, isn't it!"

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