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COPACC Likely Vaccine Hub

COPACC Likely Vaccine Hub

COPACC Is Set To Be Colac's Centre For Max COVID Vaccinations

With the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine slowly becoming available to the public, staff at Colac Area Health are planning ahead for a max vaccine rollout.

"I know that they kick off this week and we are looking at more broadly max vaccinations," Colac Area Health CEO Fiona Brew said.

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Ms. Brew says COPACC is looking like the most suitable place at this stage to be the centre for the rollout, saying the space will allow vaccinations to happen safely.

"We're actually looking at COPACC, I know a few people were asking about drive through, you actually can't do that," she said.

"People actually have to be monitored 15 minutes afterwards."

"It's a great space to do that and we've done with them the mapping of all that and working with council."

"We think that will be a good space."

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