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COVID Case Confirmed

COVID Case Confirmed

Colac Records First COVID-19 Case Since Last Years Outbreak

Colac Otway Shire has recorded a positive case of COVID-19 for the first time since last year's outbreak.

Colac Area Health officials confirmed the news although no exposure have yet been listed.

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Several are expected to come to hand, although Barwon Health have been unable to provide details at this stage, while the Victorian DHHS have not yet listed any local sites.

Barwon Health officials have noted the difficulty and strict ruling around tier one exposure sites, as a reason for the delay in releasing information.

Officials are expected to reveal exposure sites by Thursday morning.

Colac Area Health CEO Fiona Brew, says contact tracing is continuing to ensure an outbreak is prevented, while testing has ramped up

"We do have a positive case in Colac and we're working with the Barwon Health public health unit on contact tracing and testing," Ms. Brew said.

"We are doing a number of tests on people that we know are in that immediate exposure and we're working with our local businesses on ramping up all of our COVID-safe plans," she said.

Ms. Brew has thanked businesses and locals for remaining vigilant and said people shouldn't get complacent.

"I really want to thank people, because of what we've done in the past we're well ahead."

"What I would say to people is, there's absolutely no time for complacency, please make sure you're wearing your mask, you're QR coding if you're going into any businesses, all the normal hand hygiene, all those sorts of things."

"If you've got a sniff, if you're concerned at all, please come and get tested.

Victoria recorded 950 new COVID cases on Wednesday, bringing the number of active cases across Victoria to almost 10,000.

30 new cases were recorded in regional Victoria yesterday, meaning there are now 225 active cases across the regions.

You can keep up to date on the list of exposure sites here:

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