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Earthquake Rocks Region

Earthquake Rocks Region

Locals experienced a surreal morning when an earthquake shook the region

Locals were shaken up on Wednesday as an unprecedented earthquake rumbled across the South West.

The quake's epicenter was identified in Mansfield, north east of Melbourne, but was felt across most of the state.

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The magnitude 5.9 earthquake did not cause any structural damage and no injuries were reported across the region.

Several locals who felt the tremor at about 9.15am, couldn't believe what they were feeling at first.

"Our whole bed shook and our pendulum from the roof started swinging and our son felt bizarre dizzy, enough to run into us. What a weird experience in Colac," local Kerry Hulm commented on Mixx FM/3CS's Facebook post.

"I literally thought I was having a turn and was about to faint!" Laura Cook commented.

"Shook my house, light fittings swinging. Right across Vic and into NSW. I bet Dan gets the blame," Karen Paddick said.

"I thought my house was possessed! I was yelling "Not today poltergeist! Not today!" I also may be delirious from finishing nightshift," Samantha Gallagher commented.

Seismologists have warned of potential, but less fierce aftershocks, could be felt for weeks and months to come.

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