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Feds Cut Funding

  • Feds Cut FundingImage: Wikipedia

Meals on wheels under threat

Charity program Meals on Wheels says it needs crucial federal funding in next month's budget.

The service is also warning aged-care reforms could threaten to turn away many of its 75,000 volunteers.

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President of the organisation Nelson Mathews has told Melbourne Radio's Tony Jones, it's a vital service which provides more than 10,000,000 hot meals a year to more than 120,000 older Australians.

"We've haven't had any growth funding for a long time," Mr Mathews told 3AW Mornings.

"When I say funding, the federal government provides a very small contribution to Meals on Wheels."

"We're asking for $5,000,000 to help relieve the strain and to make sure we don't pass on any costs to consumers."