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Footy Focus Award

Footy Focus Award

Local Amber Noseda Wins AFL's Footy Focus Award

Amber Noseda of Great Ocean Photography has been awarded the AFL's Footy Focus Award for her incredible photograph of the Apollo Bay Football Club.

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Amber was announced as the winner out of over 5,000 entries from right across Australia. She will now get to attend the round 22 match between Hawthorn and Gold Coast to shadow AFL Media's award-winning photographer Michael Willson.

She said she was left speechless when she heard the news.

"I couldn't believe it. I was speechless. I couldn't believe mine won out of all the others, and there was some amazing photos. So a lot of people were doing shots of tackles and I thought I hadn't seen a picture of the fellas in the rooms after the game, so I had to get in there and take some. I changed the photo of black and white, because you know, you take a photo in colour it just shows colours; shirts, hair, whatever. You take a photo in black and white and it shows the soul of the person you're taking the photo of.

"It's great to have a team spirit, which is what the photo portrays. So everyone's sitting down together, there's some fellas looking at each other and listening to the coach, having respect for your coach and supporting each other. I think that's really important to show younger generations that this team spirit that you have can do wonders for the morale of you or the town or your sporting association.

"You get to go to the game and you get to film with Michael Willson. That's pretty exciting, it's something money can't buy. I'm just ecstatic!"

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