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Foxhow Motorbike Crash

Foxhow Motorbike Crash

Man Suffers Serious Injuries After Motorbike Crash At Foxhow

A 20 year old man is expected to arrive at the Alfred Hospital by air ambulance in the next few minutes, after coming off his motorbike at speed in Foxhow at 11.30am this morning. He is currently in a stable condition suffering serious injuries.

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The man had just purchased the motorbike from Camperdown and was heading to Melbourne along the Foxhow Road, when police believe he lost concentration and hit the gravel.

The man was wearing a helmet, but no other protective clothing. It is believed that he has broken his pelvis, with multiple other injuries.

Camperdown police attended along with road ambulances and the air ambulance was directed in to land at the Cressy football ground.

Police made a statement urging motorcyclists to wear protective gear, stating if the man had not have been wearing his helmet, they could've been at the scene of a fatality.

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