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GOR Toilets 'Disgraceful'

  • GOR Toilets 'Disgraceful'

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Tourists and locals in Apollo Bay and other Great Ocean Road towns are often shocked to find the toilets and other basic amenities in a disgraceful condition, according to Polwarth MP Richard Riordan.

He is again asking why the amenities and bus parking facilities on the Great Ocean Road are so disgracefully substandard while bus companies and overseas tourists continue to access the iconic destination for free.

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He says cleaners can't keep up with the numbers of users and locals report lines of up to 20 people waiting to use the facilities on the Apollo Bay foreshore, and desperate tourists are using the facilities at local businesses, with no intention of purchasing anything, which putting further pressure on them to hire cleaners and provide toiletries with no financial return.

Riordan also laments the lack of squat toilets available for those overseas tourists who prefer to use them and no signage explaining the use of bins which creates the problems of overflowing toilets and rubbish facilities.

He says the lack of funding for towns along the Great Ocean Road is restricting the provision of what should be world-class facilities at designated bus parking sites, and that this would lessen the impact on locals and increase the enjoyment of the tourist's experience.

He has again called for the implementation of a reasonable and fair user-pay system where tourist bus and car hire companies add a levy to each passenger that would be used to fund vital improvements.
Riordan says the current situation is a health and safety issue and deters from what should be a memorable experience for the visitor and a benefit for the towns along our beautiful coast.