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IMAGE: Royal Australian

HMAS Makes Last Trip

HMAS Makes Last Trip

IMAGE: Royal Australian

South West Residents Can Follow The Final Journey Of HMAS Melbourne

Iconic Australian vessel, HMAS Melbourne is set to pass along the southwest coast tomorrow afternoon, as it returns to it's namesake city for the last time.

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The schedule confirmed the warship will travel past the Twelve Apostles at 12.30am, Apollo Bay at 3.50pm and up to Lorne at around 5.40pm, before finally ending its journey at the Station Pier in Port Melbourne at 10am on Friday.

Since it's commission in 1992, the warship has covered nearly 800,000 nautical miles and has been deployed on numerous operations in the Middle East, East Timor and the Persian Gulf.

Commanding Officer Commander Marcus Buttler said the visit would be bittersweet, with the Ship’s service soon coming to an end. His crew were proud to show the community what their warship had achieved over the past 27 years.

“HMAS Melbourne and her crew have been deployed overseas for most of 2018 and 2019, and we appreciate the opportunity to host the people of her namesake city, just as they’ve always warmly welcomed us back to Melbourne over the years,” Commander Buttler.

“I hope Melbournians and, more broadly Victorians, are as proud of this Ship’s many achievements as we are to have carried the name Melbourne around the world."

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