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ALC After Workers

ALC After Workers

ALC Encourage Local Businesses To Send Staff To ALC

In the wake of increased job losses around the district due to coronavirus impacting businesses, Australian Lamb Company are still actively seeking casual employees.

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CFO Dale Smith encouraged both employers having to cut staff and employees themselves to consider ALC.

"We're defined as an essential service and being such, we've got to keep food going to the community which includes supermarkets, retailers, etc. So we continue to operate as per normal and continue to employ as per normal.

"For those businesses that are struggling in the community, for those employees that are looking for work, we're open for business.

"If you're in the unfortunate position as an employer, you can pass on those details to mention to the employees that you're letting go, here's an opportunity to be employed casually.

"It doesn't mean they have to work at our facility for the rest of their lives, they're employed casually. If their business continues into the future, beyond this current situation, they can go back to work where they have in the past. It's to get through this difficult time."

HR Manager Jo McMahon said casual employment was beneficial for both the employee and the company.

"We understand there's lots of people out there who have concerns about their employment. We're looking for casual employees, so it's an opportunity to take a bit of stress away from people and also to assist us in running, which is what we've got to do.

"We have positions available in most of our departments."

You can download an application form from , which can be dropped into the facility.

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