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Kolac Koala

  • Kolac Koala

A koala swaps a gumtree for a Colac fence

A koala has swapped a gumtree for a fence and has taken up residence at a Colac home.

Lisa Percy says her partner found the marsupial in their Sinclair Street backyard on Wednesday night after their dogs wouldn't stop barking.

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She says they've been in touch with Wild Life Victoria to make sure she was alright.

"That's how we know it's a girl, they were able to pick it from the photo and she is only young.

"But she looks fine, so they are not desperate to come and get her straight away.

"They were hoping she would make her way to a nearby tree but because there's only one or two over our back fence, they still think they'll probably have to move her to somewhere more suitable."

Ms Percy says she told her two young boys she had a special surprise in the backyard when they woke up that morning.

"I said, 'look I've got something special for you boys' and they were like 'what is it mum?' 'And I'm like, just be quiet..'

"I took them to the laundry, because you can see out our laundry window out to our gate.

'And the look on their faces.. 'Oh mum, my goodness, what is that!?"

The koala was discovered on Wednesday night and has been quiet happily chilling out at the home on Thursday.

One theory is the young koala came looking for some shelter from the strong winds that have been lashing the region.

Mark Breguet from the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning says opportunity to see koalas up close comes with an obligation to ensure we do not impact their welfare.

"We need to remember that unlike domestic pets, wildlife can be stressed by the presence of humans.

"Touching wild animals might also result in you getting injured. Never try to pat or handle wild animals.

"Nearly every wild animal, no matter how timid or small, is capable of inflicting injury."

You can contact the department if you find sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.