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Future Uncertain

Future Uncertain

Future Uncertain For Historic Landmarks And Great Ocean Road Holiday Parks

Cape Otway’s iconic light station could be forced to shut amid the financial fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and stalled negotiations on the site’s lease.

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Operator Matt Bowker has recently spoken public about the sites future, stating it would be difficult to maintain the viability of the business and its 26 staff members if JobKeeper was to end in March.

The business is eagerly awaiting the state government’s move to Step 3 of restrictions so it can reopen to guests.

Local Member for Polwarth said it was a terrible situation for a number of businesses along the Great Ocean Road.

"A big shoutout to Daniel Andrews and Co. Here's something your Government can do. We've got the Cape Otway Lighthouse, the Marengo Holiday Park, the Skenes Creek Caravan Park and the Kennett River Caravan Park all in the same boat as the Cape Otway Lighthouse. They can't get leases, the Caravan Parks could be closed by the end of November. They've all be trying to secure a lease so they can continue their businesses for the last 18 months, with no replies at all. I've written letters on behalf of the owners, they've tried and they've tried with no luck and it's just a joke," Mr Riordan said.

Mr Riordan said it was important to get cash flowing back into our region, after 6 months of next to no visitors.

"This is just crazy. With a stroke of a pen, we can allow those really important businesses along the Great Ocean Road to open up, so there is more visitors in our region, more money and cash flow coming in, more to do and more jobs for people. It's just crazy that the Government haven't done anything."

"I'm calling on Lily D'Ambrosio and Martin Pakula to support these four fantastic local businesses in getting them back to work. The Cape Otway Lightstation employs 26 people for gods sake, the Marengo Caravan Park has been identified as one of the best spots to stay along the Coast, and there is every chance we'll enter the busy summer period with these businesses closed."

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