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Large Crowd Dispersed

Large Crowd Dispersed

A large gathering of vehicles has been dispersed off Woodrowvale Road

Police have been called to an Elliminyt address after reports of a large gathering.

Several cars were seen lined up along Woodrowvale Road on Wednesday afternoon out the front of a local doctors clinic.

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Dozens of cars were dispersed throughout the afternoon after police were called to the scene.

It's believed an independent practitioner was offering medical exemptions for the COVID vaccine.

"Police received reports of a large number of people gathering outside the clinic for vaccination exemptions," a Police spokesperson said.

"The crowd was dispersed without incident."

The practitioner in question closed and shortly after the doctor's website read "SORRY !!! NO MORE JAB EXEMPTIONS, HELP YOURSELVES THE BEST YOU CAN."

Police maintained their presence at the address throughout the afternoon.

"Police are investigating if anyone in attendance breached the Chief Health Officer's direction," the spokesperson said.

"Travelling from metropolitan Melbourne into regional Victoria for the purpose of obtaining a vaccination exemption is not a valid reason under the Chief Health Officer's directions."

"Department of Health are the relevant body that would investigate health practice related matters."

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