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Laundromat Fire

Laundromat Fire

Clothes Are Well And Truly Dried After Fire Starts At Colac Laundromat

Clothes and towels traced with oil have spontaneously combust in a clothes-dryer at Colac's Speedy Clean Laundromat in Murray Street on Friday evening.

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The fire began inside the dryer at around 7.30pm, with the flames spreading to completely destroy several dryers and cause smoke damage to the entire building.

Passers-by saw the fire and attempted to douse the spreading blaze, but were soon overcome by smoke and had to vacate the premises.

Colac Fire Brigade Captain Scott Peschel said those witnesses on scene made firefighters work easier as they were able to close the front door, which keep the fire inside the building.

Colac, Larpent and Cororooke brigades attended, with the fire taking 20 minutes to extinguish. No one was inside the building at the time the fire began.

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