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Repeat Offenders Caught

Repeat Offenders Caught

A Learner Driver and the Accompanying Driver Have Again Been Nabbed For Drug Driving

A learner and his accompanying driver have again been caught for drug driving, after committing the same offence last month.

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The 18-year-old Colac man was nabbed again by police on Monday night at approximately 8.15pm just outside McDonald's Colac.

The L-plater was intercepted by Colac police and was subject to a drug test which revealed a positive result for drugs in his system.

The accompanying driver, a 49-year-old female was tested for drugs and also returned a positive result for drugs.

The repeat offenders were both charged approximately three weeks ago for the same offence.

Both have received summons to appear before a Magistrates Court on charges of drug diving at a later date.

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