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Lockdown Update

Lockdown Update

Lockdown Update

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has declared that the current restrictions in Victoria will remain in place for at least another seven days, until 11:59pm on Tuesday July 27.

There are 13 new locally acquired cases today, (four were announced yesterday) 12 of those new case are linked to the current outbreak.

CHO Professor Brett Sutton, said that since the beginning of the outbreak, 250 public exposure sites have been discovered, while 15,000 primary close contacts are isolating.

The five reasons to leave the home also remain, as do mask and face covering rules for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The full list of public exposure sites across Victoria, can be found via this link.

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From the Statement by the State Government

This means that current settings will continue for the next seven days until Tuesday, 27 July at 11.59pm.

There are only five reasons to leave home: getting the food and the supplies you need, exercising for up to two hours, care or caregiving, work or education if you can’t do it from home, or to get vaccinated at the nearest possible location.

Shopping and exercise must be done within 5kms of your home or the nearest location.

It also means face masks will remain mandatory indoors (not at home) and outdoors unless an exception applies – this includes all workplaces, and secondary schools.

Minor changes will be made to the Authorised Premises and Authorised Worker List to include services that operate solely outdoors where physical distancing can be maintained at all times, pet grooming mobile services and pamphlet delivery services. Further details can be found at

In welcome news for many families, from Wednesday 21 July more students with disability will be able to return to on-site learning. Where a parent or carer indicates that a student with a disability cannot learn from home due to vulnerability or family stress, the school must provide on-site learning for that student.

This change will apply to students enrolled in specialist schools and students with a disability enrolled in mainstream schools.

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