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MacLoed steps down

MacLoed steps down

Mahoney Medallist Brent MacLeod has stepped down as coach of Apollo Bay

Sighting post season surgery, greater work commitments and family reasons, Brent told exclusively to Mixx FM/ CDFNL Live that he will be standing down as coach of Apollo Bay.

After two seasons at the helm, Brent took Apollo Bay all the way to the Preliminary Final this season.

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"The only commitment i am making is to the Thomson Cricket club at this stage, i have spoken to no other clubs and have no interested at this stage of talking to any other clubs" Brent Said

"There is a chance i could still play at the Bay, but there is a chance i might not"

"I am working hard at my new job and planning to spend more time with the family are the key reasons why i am standing down"

"I have to have post season surgery as well, which may delay my playing abilities next season"

"I have had an Abysses on my back side since 2016 and need to get it surgically removed, i'm currently on the waiting list to get it done"

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