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Mad Monday's With Max

  • Mad Monday's With Max

The next two rounds of the CDFL will decide the top three.

What a next couple of rounds we have coming up in the CDFL, but before i get into that last week on air i raised the issue of $$$ in local Football.

I over herd a local player speak about how he was going to ask his current club for more money to play for them as another club from another league offered him a enormous amount. I know we can not escape what local footy has become, it's almost a winter job for some, but seriously you would have to question some players morals when asking for over 1K per game. Yes was the figure i herd. What would local Footy be like if no one was getting paid? Did the legends of the 50's 60's and 70's get paid to play? I doubt it. Why is it such a massive cash grab market now?

Clubs are stupid if they are willing to pay that sort of cash for a certain player. We have a salary cap system in place along with a point system which is suppose to even things up across the board. Hopefully as the system clicks into full gear over the next few years it will wipe out these money hungry "Plagues" in local footy.

I have a charter which clubs should follow in regards to paying senior players to make it fair across the board- if clubs are wanting to pay their players. Pay them all the same, and then pay extra for reward. Best players gets a bonus, your full forward gets a bomus per goal and per goal assist (Wipes out goal hungry status).

Why would a bloke who is getting paid a lot of coin, play at 100% each week when he knows he will get the same result in his wallet? You can- well i can tell tell in this league who plays for heart and the jumper and who plays for the cash.

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Weekend Highlights:

None come bigger and better than what unfolded in the 12 O'Clock show on Saturday at the Western Oval. Jokes aside it felt good to head out of the field finally after five years. I love Footy and i am thankful for the Colac Imperials for allowing me to have a crack at playing the game again. It may spark a full time comeback? I hit the 30 mark next year, but i feel i have a bit in the tank.

Alvie have sparked the league up again after- with out their coach almost defeating the league leaders in Birregurra. They lost by only four points, after going down to the Saints by 70 points back in Round 1.

What's to come:

As i said above what a round we have coming up and what a big couple of games for the Lorne Football Club. The Dolphins haven't hit any great heights over the last two weeks with challenging wins against bottom sides- but no doubt they were awaiting for this part of the season. Saturday they host third place South Colac, if they can win they will then have a two game buffer in 2nd spot- while th week after the bye they face top side Birregurra. We are going to see if Lorne are legit in 2017.

We have 2nd v 3rd, 4th (Simpson) vs 5th (Alvie) and 6th (Irrewarra Beeac) v 7th (Apollo Bay). The Swans have lost their last three goals - all by narrow margins and their top three chances are slipping, while Simpson are looking the goods at the moment. You feel it's Apollo Bay last chance at having a big crack towards the top five this season, they can not afford to lose another home game this season- however they have not yet defeated a side above them on the ladder. (Besides Round 1 v Simpson).