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Nervous Wait

Nervous Wait

Locals are facing a nervous 48 hours awaiting a decision on the lockdown

With a decision yet to be made on whether regional Victoria will face an extended lockdown, locals are facing a nervous 48 hours awaiting state government announcements.

No indication has been given by the Acting Premier yet on what the next phase of the lockdown might look like should it be extended.

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Member for Powlarth Richard Riordan says locals are exhausted from strict lockdown's whose costs are for many people greater than the benefits they deliver.

"After more than 12 months the Victorian Government must change its strategy to more closely reflect the more nuanced approaches used by other States, especially NSW,” Mr Riordan

“There is no equity in the decision to lock everyone down, if not everybody is affected by Covid,” he said.

Victoria is set to come out of lockdown at 11.59pm Thursday, although it's looking increasingly unlikely with cases rising in Melbourne.

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