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On The Right Trail

On The Right Trail

Council States Extension On Rail Trail May Soon Be A Reality

The Corangamite Shire has announced a funding boost to extending the Camperdown rail trail, running from Timboon to Port Campbell.

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Mayor Neil Trotter said the extension of the rail trail could increase the boutique tourism industry immensely in the southwest.

"It's a longstanding plan, we've had it I think ever since I've been on council, about 7 years now. That's something that we've been advocating for a long time and there's been a lot of work put in by councilors and officers already to get to this stage. The project's been shovel-ready for a number of years. We've got permits from Wannon Water to use their easement and we've scoped the project up so we know what's involved to actually do it.

"This year we're trying to advance it. We've put money in it ourselves, about $1.4 million in this year's budget to advance the project to State Government. Now that'll be dependent on State or Federal matching that. We've still got a way to go, but we'd like to see a commitment to assist us.

"We long to see this extension because we see it as a vital link. People will be able to come down from Melbourne, hop off the train at Camperdown and ride all the way to the coast. We think that'll be a real game-changer for our boutique tourism operators and the whole tourism industry in the area. Hoping to hold people overnight and make them stay a bit longer in the area."

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