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Opening Day Draw

Opening Day Draw

Alvie and Irrewarra Beeac produced the first drawn game of the season.

Alvie and Irrewarra Beeac produced the first draw of the season oin the first game of the season. Alvie's 20 game winning streak has come to an end, however their non losing streak remains after a thrilling 37 all match against Irrewarra Beeac. Alvie held a two goal lead at the main break, but the Bombers produced a big third term to take a three goal lead into the final term. 12 goals to 9 final term in favour of the Swans saw scores all locked up at the final siren in an amazing match to open the 2021 A Grade season.

Courtney Garner top scored for the Bombers with 23 goals and Rachel Seabright score 14 with Jeremi Robinson, Grace Garner and Courtney Garner named in the best players.

Rosie Barrow in senior game 50 top scored for the Swans with 14, Jayme Lowe score 9 goals, Lily Eldridge 8 and Georgia Robinson 6 with Laura Kelly, Chelsea Hillman and Ebony Miraglia named in the best players.

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B Grade

Irrewarra Beeac 38 defeated Alvie 30

Irrewarra Beeac:

Goals: Caroline Hitchings 30, Hayley Morrissy 8

Best: Caroline Hitchings, Kate Watts, Sophie Morrissy


Goals: Keely Holt 22, Sarah Mulgrew 4, Sarah Murfitt 4

Best: Keely Holt, Angela Hogbean, Simone Mclaren

C Grade

Irrewarra Beeac 32 defeated Alvie 18

Irrewarra Beeac

Goals: Georgia Grist 16, Olivia Theodore 14

Best: Olivia Theodore, Georgia Grist, Abby Park


Goals: ***16, ***6

Best: Rachael Kelly, Maggie Rose

17 & Under

Irrewarra Beeac 37 defeated Alvie 22

15 & under

Irrewarra Beeac 61 defeated Alvie 5

13 & Under

Irrewarra Beeac 29 defeated Alvie 19

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