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Farmers Turn To Diesel

Farmers Turn To Diesel

Power Stats Reveal Farmers Are Turning To Diesel

According to the latest research by Dairy Australia more dairy farmers are turning to diesel power due to the price of electricity.

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Dairy Australia Farm Data Analyst Jake Musson said research showed a 77% increase in diesel over electricity since 2015.

"Now some of that is down to system changes with more tractors being used, more feed pads in place, but rising costs and especially the unreliability of electric power is leading more people to install these generators not only as a back up, but in some cases, their main power supply.

"Some of our data shows over the past 10 years we've seen up to 66% increase in electricity prices for shared power costs across Victoria. Of our long term participants, we're seeing a 200% increase in power, so it's not just the average you've got to look at."

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