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Increases For Towns

Increases For Towns

Colac Otway Shire Release Annual Rate Analysis

The Colac Otway Shire Council have released their annual rates analysis for local towns, with several areas to receive double digit percentage increases.

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Alvie, Cressy, Yeodene, Barunah Plains and Wingeel will see these spikes; Cressy rates to increase on average by 23% on previous billing. Rural properties are to carry the brunt of this increase, while residential property will be paying 3% less on average.

Alvie, Yeodene and Wingeel are to all to receive an average 11% increase. The biggest rate increase across the shire will be to Barunah Plains, the five registered properties in that locality to face a whopping 77% increase.

Simpson, Ferguson, Mount Sabine and Beech Forrest will go the other way, with a decrease in general rates.

Beech Forrest rates are to drop 17% on previous billing, Simpson's will decrease 21%. Mount Sabine residents to expected to pay on an average $235 less, Ferguson residents also to save an average of $200.

The full analysis can be viewed through council's latest ordinary meeting

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