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Roundabout An Issue

Roundabout An Issue

The safety of the roundabout at Colac East continues to be questioned

There's growing concern amongst the community about the safety of the roundabout at the entrance to Colac East.

It follows another incident at the already notorious roundabout on Monday night which left a car extensively damaged after rolling into the median strip.

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Fortunately those involved left with moderate injuries, but it still begs the question to many as to whether the speed limit should be reduced in the area.

Member for Polwarth Richard Riordan is leading the charge, Saying yesterday he will again write to the Roads Minister Ben Carroll.

“We have seen more accidents at that intersection since the roundabout was built than when it was the old crossing. Our community has had to fight every inch of the way to get that
roundabout finished and functioning safely,” Mr Riordan said.

“This roundabout has proved to be problematic with the slow instigation of adequate lighting, the substandard landscaping and now this ongoing issue of inappropriate speed limits,” he said.

“Our community deserves a safe road and our town deserves a neat and manageable entrance."

"I will again be calling on the Minister to get this section of road finished to the high standard of safety and appearance we should have received in the first instance.”

“I am calling on the Minister to immediately review the safety of this section of road and implement the appropriate speed limits.”

A response from Ben Carroll, the current Minister for Roads and Road Safety on October 20, 2020 stated that “the Department of Transport will continue to monitor the safety of this new road, in consultation with Victoria Police, and determine what other safety measures could be put in place including speed limits.”

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