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Workplace Relationships

  • Workplace RelationshipsThe upper hand. IMAGE: kaboompics (pixabay)

Time is up on office affairs by men in powerful positions

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan admits the line is blurry when it comes to workplace relationships.

McLachlan sat down and spoke with Melbourne Radio's 3AW, a day after two high-ranking officials were forced to resign due to “inappropriate” relations with younger women in the AFL.

The league’s chief executive was asked what was and wasn’t acceptable.

“This is so difficult,” McLachlan said.

“I don’t have specific answers for you.

“Trying to write the rules down about this I don’t think is possible, but you can’t walk around it, either, when there is stuff that is a clear breach.

“People try and drive you into specific corners about ‘what about that?’- I’m not playing that game.”

He also responded to allegations of a third inappropriate relationship at AFL House.

“I don’t have any knowledge of anything that concerns me,” McLachlan said.


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Meanwhile, Caroline Wilson says it’s clear the AFL still has a “boy’s club” problem following revelations two senior officials had “inappropriate relations” with two younger women.

Simon Lethlean and Richard Simkiss both resigned on Friday.

Caroline Wilson lauded league boss Gillon McLachlan for acting so quickly on the matter, but said it showed there was still some way to go.

“Gillon denies it, but I still think the boy’s club culture has been a problem at the AFL,” she told 3AW Drive.

“It’s obviously better than it was, it’s always improving and Gillon, for a long time, has said all the right things – but clearly it’s still an issue when these things happen.”

Caroline also hit out at those questioning why the women involved had escaped the spotlight.

“The men were both married and both were in positions of power – that’s the issue,” she said.

The 3AW Football commentator said she understood one of the women involved no longer worked at the AFL, while the other was on leave.