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Crews Busy In Wild Weather

Crews Busy In Wild Weather


SES Crews Kept Busy Amongst Wild Weather

Local State Emergency Services units have been kept busy over the past couple of days and are preparing for more wild weather to come.

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Right across the southwest district, over 120 calls for assistance were made to SES units on Wednesday night alone.

Steve Tevelein of the SES urged people to batten down the hatches, with falling trees and rouge trampolines the biggest causes of damage during storm events.

"Preparation is key. Simply flip the kids trampoline upside down so the wind can't get under it, it'll save you a lot of grief later on down the track. We had a trampoline go on a person's roof and smash a row of roof tiles.

Then there's the old rule - don't park your car under a tree. We had one where a tree came down on a car, I know it's hard, they're everywhere, but just do it."

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