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Corangamite Shire Budget

Corangamite Shire Budget

Corangamite Shire Adopts Record Budget At Council Meeting On Wednesday

The Corangamite Shire Council last night adopted its record $55.7 million 2020-2021 Budget focused on stimulating the local economy during the recovery from coronavirus.

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The highlight is a $4.8 million coronavirus recovery package for the local economy. The package includes;

- Fee Waivers: $400,000
- Jobs: $1.4M + $2.3M from Working for Victoria
- Infrastructure: $330,000
- Small business funding: $180,000
- Marketing and promotion: $50,000
- Community events/activities: $50,000
- Community group/volunteer support: $25,000
- Local charities: $25,000

Highlights of the budget include:
- New assets, upgrades and renewals ($20.3 million)
- Roads ($8.68 million) – including rehabilitation, roads to recovery projects, resheeting and resealing
- COVID-19 Recovery Fund ($4.8 million)
- Recreation and leisure ($6.27 million) – including $6.2 million for construction of the Twelve Apostles trail

The record total was improved significantly by grants from the State and Federal Governments.

There will be no rate rise for ratepayers and the waste management charge will increase by 4.72% or $16.20 per property to cover increased costs.

Some projects have been deferred, allowing Council to respond to the pandemic with a $5.28 million operating result forecast.

The Budget can be downloaded from and hard copies are available from the Civic Centre at 181 Manifold Street, Camperdown.

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