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Shire Defends Decorations

  • Shire Defends Decorations

Shire Defends Lack of Christmas Decorations Around Colac CBD

The Colac Otway Shire have defended the lack of Christmas decorations around Colac.

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The Shire have received criticism throughout the week over the lack of 'festive spirit' and Christmas decorations from the media and public.

Speaking to Mixx Brekky on Thursday Morning, Shire Mayor Jason Schram said Powercor had made it difficult to decorate the streets light poles.

"What most of the locals would remember, once upon a time we used to have tinsel, banners, stars, Santa clause and Christmas trees, they used to be on display on the power poles, an asset owned by Powercor. Powercor last year said that the banners we had on there could possibly shorten the life of the power poles and pretty much said we had to take them down, which we were disappointed by", Schram said.

Asked why there weren't any decorations at Colac's Memorial Square, including the iconic Christmas Tree, Schram said Vandalism issues in the past had put a stop to that over recent years.