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Shire Rejects Solar Farm

Shire Rejects Solar Farm

Bookaar Solar Farm Application Slammed By Corangamite Shire Council

The proposal to build a solar power farm at Bookaar has again been slammed by Corangamite Shire Council.

The first application was rejected by council in September 2018, before an appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal in August 2019 also failed.

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Bookaar Renewables Pty Ltd has now lodged a new planning application with the minister to build the solar farm at the same location as before, an application which Corangamite Shire Councillor Jo Beard slammed at this weeks Council meeting, saying the application has remained largely unchanged from the original application.

"The Council believes there still needs to be a detailed review and analysis of renewable energy zones and areas prior to any new project being approved," Cr Beard said.

"We always stated that it needs to be the right thing in the right place and this to me still is a reflection of what councils views were at the time," she said.

Cr Beard says the application doesn't properly realise the bushfire risks and bad affects the farm could have on the surrounding area.

"I certainly argue against the loss of productive farming land that is still being said, I still believe that this is the belief of the applicants," she said.

"Although a bushfire assessment has been provided this time round as it wasn't last time, following the St. Patrick's Day fires which were ignited by electricity infrastructure as we all know, surely anyone can see that's why a lot of people along with me are still really nervous," she said.

"Interesting to read too on high fire risk days that no staff even at the solar farm if it was to be approved are to be on site, so the first respondents then would be our volunteers."

"That will be a huge cost not only on the volunteers locally but those then who will potentially have to come and support that fire if there is one."

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