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Shortage At Crisis Level

Shortage At Crisis Level

"It's always been a problem but now it's actually a crisis"

The worker shortage in Apollo Bay continues to jeopardise local businesses and organisations.

Local business owner Sally Cannon says the issue of accommodation needs an immediate solution to prevent the crisis from crippling the coastal town.

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"It's always been a problem but now it's actually a crisis," Ms. Cannon said.

"There are that many jobs in Apollo Bay that just cannot get filled because people can't get accommodation," she said.

"I know at least of seven full time jobs on offer at the rec. reserve alone and that's not taking into consideration the school, the hospital and everywhere else."

Ms. Cannon has welcomed a proposal to build a short term workers village, set to accommodate coastal workers at the Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve.

"So it really is a problem and I know in the short term they're looking to put together a workers village possibly at the rec. reserve with some cabins just to get us through this summer," she said.

"Long term there's some plans sort of on the table that's obviously going to require the cooperation of the Colac Otway Shire and all of the other agencies."

"The Colac Otway Shire did a fantastic job getting those parklets put in before summer, if they can act in the same sort of fashion they got that happening then it should be right for summer."

"There's no choice, it has to be done so they need to pull out all stops and throw as much money at is as they can and get it happening."

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