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Livestock Shooting

Livestock Shooting

Livestock Shooting At Simpson Farm

A property near Simpson has been the target of a livestock shooting, after owners discovered one of their heifers deliberately shot through the head.

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The property has access to bush tracks and are accustomed to shooters, with local nearby residents reporting hearing shooters on Saturday night, the night of the heifer being shot.

Property owner Mardi Foster said shooters would've had a clear view of the herd and knew what they were doing.

"She was in a herd of 350 cows in a flat paddock - they would've known that it was a herd. If they shone the spotlight around, they would've seen her easily. Her eye socket's all gone, it's obvious that she was shot, it's gone straight through her eye like a target. I don't shoot, but a lot of people have said that a cow's eye is different to a fox or a cat, or whatever.

Some years ago it happened before. I don't know if it's happened to other farmers around here before, but we are right on a bush road track that people do shoot on. It's just senseless. It was just an open flat paddock, and only two paddocks up from our worker's house. So it wasn't far from a house, too."

Anyone information in regards to the incident would be much appreciated.

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