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DELWP photo: Eastern Brown Snake

Watch Out

Watch Out

DELWP photo: Eastern Brown Snake

Watch Out For Snakes As Weather Heats Up

As the warm weather kicks in and southwest residents come out of hibernation, so too do our resident snakes.

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Veterinarian at Colac's Murray Street Vet Clinic, Catherine McCarthy, described the signs of possible snakebite in your pet.

"If they see a snake and they have pets, the first thing to do is make sure the pets are inside or at least safe. You don't really want to get rid of the snake yourself, get someone to keep an eye on it and ring a local snakecatcher or one of the vet clinics that would have snakecatcher numbers.

"If you've seen your pet with the snake, the next thing to consider if they have been bitten. Most of the snakes around here are your tiger snakes or brown snakes and the first thing we see is vomiting in the pet. Sometimes it's quite short, sharp vomiting and they often look much better. That's when owners go 'oh, we're ok, we're fine, we won't do anything about it', and that's when they quite often go backwards quite quickly.

"Vomiting's really common, drooling, salivating, looking a bit wobbly. We've had snakebites in May and October, but obviously they like to come out when it's nice and sunny. Last week on that first sunny day, we had three dogs come in with suspect snakebite on just that one day."

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