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Speeders Caught

Speeders Caught

Multiple drivers have been caught at high speeds on local roads...

Colac Highway Patrol members were patrolling along Wilson Street on Friday night, when they were overtaken by a vehicle at speed.

The 28 year old male driver was found to be on a suspended probationary drivers license.

The driver then underwent a breath test returning a result of .156.

His vehicle has since been impounded for 30 days, and he will face the Colac Magistrates Court at a later date, expected charged with a number of drink driving, suspension and speeding offenses.

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Meanwhile, in the early hours of Thursday morning, Mortlake police were patrolling along the Hamilton Highway when a Landcruiser was detected on radar at 148 kilometers an hour in the 100 k zone.

Police released statement, which claimed the driver's reasoning for speeding was he was going to be late for a meeting.

The vehicle has since been impounded for 30 days, with the cost to get the vehicle back nearly thirteen hundred dollars.

The driver will also receive a summons at a later date.

Police stated; "You are better being 15 minutes late than 15 minutes dead. Slow down and you will not waste money or your driving privilege. The driver needed to make other arrangements to return back to Melbourne."

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