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Kokoda A Success

Kokoda A Success

Kokoda Trail A Success For Future Leaders

12 Colac Secondary and Trinity College students and teachers, along with AKD Softwoods employees who set off to tackle the Kokoda Track, have returned after a gruelling week in Papua New Guinea.

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AKD CEO Shane Vicary said the Colac teenagers held their own.

"You can't prepare yourself. We were getting up every morning between 4 and 5 o'clock, we were on the track at 5.30, 6 o'clock and you're walking all day until 5 o'clock at night. And it's not a simple track, not a groomed track, there's no bobcats running over it. It was just phsycially exhausting.

"[The kids] handled it amazingly. Everybody that we came into contact with were amazed by how these Colac teenagers how they really guts'd it out. It's pretty inspirational.

"It's really about AKD wanting to give back to the community and for us we're really focused on the idea of how do we create aspiring leaders. Something that people can go out and challenge themselves. It's about going through the Papua New Guinea jungle and taking yourself out of your comfort zone.

There is no get-me-out-of-here concept, it's challenging. When you look at leadership, and you look at the four pillars of Kokoda - courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice and what those Australian diggers did, it really relates to leadership as well."

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