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Vaccine Rates High

Vaccine Rates High

South West Victoria has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country

New data released by the federal government shows the South West ranks among the highest in the country when it comes to vaccination rates.

The Geographic Vaccination Rates report, shows the Warrnambool South West area ranks second highest in the state for eligible people receiving their first dose.

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51.6% of those eligible in the region have received their first dose, while 23% are fully vaccinated, which ranks fifth in the state.

On a national scale, the region comes in at number three for those to get the first dose.

The Geelong region isn't too far behind ranking third in the state and fourth nationally for people with one dose.

Bendigo has the highest rates nationwide, while Melbourne's North West, West and South West rank in the bottom three in Victoria.

The information breaks down the first and second dose rates for eligible people aged 15 years and over.

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