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Vaccines Snapped Up

Vaccines Snapped Up

A local MP is claiming Melburnians are travelling to Colac to get vaccinated

Member for Polwarth Richard Riordan, is calling on the state government to change it's vaccine booking system to include a postcode system to ensure regional Victorians are getting fair access to the vaccine.

He has called on the Department of Health to immediately put a postcode system on its limited country bookings and keep country vaccination centres for country people, saying Melbourne residents have access to daily vaccination hubs, and need to use those spaces first.

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“Country people have limited access to vaccine, which is limited further when crucial booking slots are swamped by people 200km away.”

“How will we hope to get our VCE students in the regions vaccinated in time for exams, if regional Victoria’s limited supply is taken up by metropolitan people.”

“If Daniel Andrews cared about fairness he would instruct the Department of Health to immediately put a postcode identifier on the booking system.”

Mr Riordan says spots are filling in minutes on the Governments centralised booking system he says "by predominately tech savvy young people keen to get vaccinated."

"The few weekly vaccination time slots given to country communities like Colac are now being overrun by tech savvy young people from Melbourne’s western Suburbs."

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