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Vandalism & Blackmail

Vandalism & Blackmail

Batty Attack On Relocation Equipment And Shire Council


The Colac Otway Shire have confirmed significant damage has been committed by vandals to the lighting towers in the Colac Botantic Gardens.

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The towers are being used in the first stage of the relocation of the flying foxes currently inhabiting the Gardens.

It's estimated over $1000 worth of damage has occurred, including cut wires and severed hydraulic hoses.

The Shire has also received blackmail from anonymous sources, with photocopied documents stating such things as 'for every bat harmed, a tree will be ring-barked' and 'you are all on notice'.

The incident has been reported to Colac Police, who are yet to make comment.

Anyone with any information is to contact Colac Police on 5230 0000.

More information to come.

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