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CFA file photo: house fire caused by electrical appliances.

Danger Amongst Homes

Danger Amongst Homes

CFA file photo: house fire caused by electrical appliances.

District Officer Warns Us To Be Alert Of House Fires Throughout Winter

Winter may have set in but it has not reduced the risk of fire. The danger of fires in the home is increased now that winter is upon us, fire danger presenting itself in a different form compared to the summer months.

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District 6 Operations Officer, Mark Gunning, said preparation was key.

"Look statistics tell us that more people die in house-fires every year than killed by bush-fire. So taking home fire safety seriously is really important for people. The CFA recommend people have working smoke alarms, they should be installed so that they're at least between each bedroom of the house, but preferably in each bedroom and living areas."

"Especially in this colder, damper weather people are really tempted to put clotheshorses and airing racks close to fires and heaters - please, at least a metre away. With open fireplaces, make sure there's a proper screen so no sparks can sink into the material."

"House-fires build really rapidly. Smoke is the killer in house-fires, even small fires can generate huge quantities of smoke. Get out of the house, dial 000, make sure your family has a fire plan and a meeting place."

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